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Welcome to Muskoka Wifi

Your Remote Internet Specialist 

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About Muskoka Wifi

Honest & Efficient Work

Our mission at Muskoka Wifi is simple: to provide high-quality internet service for our valued clients. Our Muskoka roots owner William Holmes, goes above and beyond to get people connected. Even in the hard-to-reach areas, Will will make it possible. Through open communication and exceptional service, Muskoka Wifi is committed to ensuring that remote areas in Muskoka, can have internet that will perform.  For more information on services in your area contact us. 

 "Finally I'm able to come up to the cottage mid-week and work!  I can't complain when the kids are stir crazy on a rainy day, I throw on Netflix. Simply put Muskoka Wifi is reliable and it works!!"

 Kilworthy, ON - James S 

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