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About Us

Reliable Internet Service Provider

Muskoka Wifi Inc is committed to providing high-speed internet to rural areas in the Muskoka area. In a region challenged with thick forests, lakes, and rugged terrain internet connectivity is inaccessible for many. In many cases internet has not been possible, leaving the area under-serviced. The Internet is now considered a fundamental service for many. Muskoka Wifi is committed to providing high-speed internet at a responsible price and delivering this need for the Muskoka community.   


On a personal note, Muskoka has always been my home, and to be able to provide a service for this community gives me a great sense of pride. It was always a dream to live and work in Muskoka, having internet was essential to operate but also to be able to have a Netflix night with my family. Having a career in technology and construction allowed me to make this possible. I am excited to provide a need not only for my family but for my community. I am dedicated to providing internet to those hard-to-reach places in Muskoka, so others can live the dream. If you are in need of internet service, we are here to assist and make this a reality. 

William Holmes - Founder 

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