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Muskoka Wifi Terms of Use

Service Agreement Muskoka Wifi Inc


Please read and accept your Internet Service Agreement, failure to comply with this agreement will result in termination of service.


If you and or anyone with access to the connection to use said connection you are agreeing to the service agreement and all of the terms there within and understand that this agreement can and will be updated without further notice and can be viewed at and that it is your sole responsibility to periodically check for updates to said policy.


Purchaser is responsible for use of service, and access to service on the account, any violations of this service agreement are the sole responsibility of the use you the user(s) or account holder. Muskoka Wifi Inc will not be liable for any expenses related to the violation of this agreement.


You fully are aware that the following are in violation of service

Reselling your account or connection

Exploiting service for financial gain

Transferring service

Damaging service providers property

The service cannot be used to break laws or government regulations. You agree and will not use the service that is contrary to any applicable law or regulation.

Anti-spam regulations

Exploitation of minors 


Cancellation of Service

Cancellation of service upon the client’s request can be done with 14 days’ notice of your contract’s end day. All services are set up as a 24-month contract. If you wish to reinstate the service the reactivation along with the install fee will be applied, $250.00, this is subject to change based on the location of the service. All rental equipment must be returned within 14 days of cancellation, or a fee of $250.00 will apply. If you wish to terminate your contract prior to the 24-month term, an early termination fee will apply based on 3 months of payment equal to the service plan. 


Account suspension and Termination, if account payments are overdue by 14 days the service to your account will automatically be suspended, failure to make payment on overdue accounts will result in termination of the account, after 30 days of delinquent payment. Interest charges and reactivation free will apply to have the account reinstated. NSF fees will result in a fee of $50.00. Muskoka Wifi has the right to suspend access until late fees, interest fees, and account fees are reconciled. The monthly contract fees will continue to be due if you are still under the 24-month contract.


You have been provided with residential internet service, if the internet is being used to operate a business this must be presented prior to installing service. You are provided with an Mbps according to our plans from 10, 25, 50 Mbps etc.

My Wireless Internet and the Weather 

Thank you for choosing Muskoka Wifi as your internet service provider. Muskoka WiFi monitors systems to ensure all measures are taken to deliver top performance. In the event of severe weather conditions, service could be temporarily delayed and, or interrupted.


When we think of our Internet connection transmitting data wirelessly, the effects

of weather can cause delays in speeds and interrupted service. This is due to high winds

and extreme weather events, such as heavy rainfall and or snowfall,as our equipment

is wireless technology our systems require a clear line of sight to deliver top performance.

Muskoka Wifi will work to ensure all measures are taken to ensure the best possible performance in severe weather events.


Liability Release 


This agreement affects any rights you and or anyone using your connection may have if you or the computer network in use by your organization, yourself and or anyone using said connection incurs a loss of any form of electronic data and or any other forms of loss.


I hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Muskoka Wifi Inc. and any of their agents or employees for any liability, claim and/or cause of action arising out of or related to any security breach, loss of data, or irreparable damage (including but not limited to monetary and reputation) that occurs as a result of the use of internet connection install or installation by Muskoka Wifi Inc.

I and or on behalf of anyone who may have access to my connection agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Muskoka Wifi Inc. whether data loss is caused by my negligence, the negligence of the Muskoka Wifi Inc. or the negligence of a third party. I and or on behalf of anyone who may have access to my connection further agrees that this Release and Waiver of Liability shall bind the Myself and or on behalf of anyone who may have access to my connection. I and or on behalf of anyone who may have access to my connection hereby further agrees that this Release and Waiver of Liability shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Ontario, Canada.


By continuing to use Muskoka Wifi Inc service you agree to this Release and Waiver of Liability, I state that I have read and understood the conditions set forth in this Release and that I agree to all conditions set forth herein, and that I agree to this voluntarily during the use of provided service.


Service at Muskoka Wifi we are committed to providing seamless service to our clients, in the event the services are interrupted due to upgrades, clients will be given notice of such event. As we work to provide the best possible service to our clients at times we are required to maintain, replace, or repair equipment that may result in interrupted service.  Inclement weather and power outages may result in interrupted service. Muskoka Wifi is not accountable if such events are to occur and cause you to experience lower speeds or dysconnectivity. 

 You fully understand and accept that under no circumstance will Muskoka Wifi be held accountable or will be providing compensation for such events. Muskoka Wifi will work to promptly address any outages within a reasonable timeline.


Servicing your area Muskoka Wifi will conduct a test to see if our services will be available at your residence or business. Service may not be eligible and may result in additional equipment such as a mast and or tower, if this is required you will be notified, and an estimate will be provided to you. The cost of such structures will be owned and the responsibility of the landowner and or service holder. If you are renting, it is your reasonability to seek permission from the landowner prior to us installing any services. Muskoka Wifi assumes no liability whatsoever for any claims, damages, losses, or expenses arising out of or otherwise relating to the installation of structures after which they are installed. It is your responsibility to ensure the equipment is maintained.


Your service is intended for your residential use only, this service cannot be affiliated or used to bring internet to surrounding residential properties. Failure to comply will result in the termination of your service.


Our service plans come with unlimited bandwidth, Muskoka Wifi monitors bandwidth in accordance to manage monthly download and upload activity, the bandwidth is delivered to households or businesses used based on the chosen plan, this does not account for the service to be used for public access, used for excessive conduct on the internet over many sites. If we discover the use of the internet is being used for purposes other than household or small business use Muskoka Wifi Inc. can cancel the service or reduce capacity to the service if we suspect abuse of service.


Requirement: to have optimal service you must have a router/ modem to support the service. you can supply your own equipment, however, we do not support all equipment and your networking equipment may not be compatible with our service and there may be an additional fee for the setup of equipment which is not provided by Muskoka Wifi Inc for more information our installation support will be able to determine if your equipment is compatible. Muskoka wifi offers equipment at an additional cost depending on your preference and or requirements for your personal network. 

Can I move the Equipment once it is installed?  You must not alter or disturb any exterior receivers or the inside wiring in any way that might impact the functions of your services.  Additional fees may apply if discovered that equipment has been altered. As all equipment is installed with accuracy it is important to not disrupt the positioning of your receiver or cable.  

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